Soil analysis is a method that demonstrates the fertilizer and lime requirements of a certain field soil. Soil samples representing a specific field are analyzed in laboratories and the amount of plant nutrients in it is found. Thus, it is determined which fertilizers will be given for the good yield of the plant.
If we fertilize our soil before having it analyzed, we will make a big mistake.
• Excess fertilizer is used, excess fertilizer damages the soil and the plant.
• Less fertilizer is used than needed, product decreases.
• The wrong kind of fertilizer is used, which will damage the crop and soil.
• If we do not give fertilizer in the appropriate time, we cannot get the desired amount of product.
• The type of product to be grown cannot be determined correctly.
• When such errors are made, the expected benefits from fertilizer cannot be provided. For this reason, soil analysis must be performed before using fertilizer.

• From places where previously fertilizer or lime has been thrown,
• Where manure is stacked,
• Threshing places and places where animals are laid,
• Stems, roots and weeds are burned,
• From the pits and bumps of the field, from the field boundaries and nearby,
• Under trees, streams, forests, water arc and parts close to roads,
• Soil samples are not taken from row tops in crops with fertilizer sowing.

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